JOIN US in our CAMPAIGN to help SAVE the EARTH

Pars Auto Detailing and Services is GOING GREEN

Our anticipated green, eco-friendly solution to a complete auto detail has finally arrived!

Pars Auto Detailing is proud to offer GREEN DETAILING using eco-friendly products
to provide you and your family with the best ultimate CLEAN & GREEN results!

Subject to product availability. Appointments must be booked in advance.

We reserve the right to end the campaign at any time and/or to change our prices without notice.

Please check back regularly for more news.


Ask us by using this mail form and a representative will contact you within 24 hours.

What are the benefits of GREEN DETAILING?


  1. Saves 20 to 50 Gallons Of Water Per Vehicle: Waterless or Eco-Friendly car wash does not use a single drop of water! That’s right! You can take comfort in knowing that at Pars Auto Detailing we clean your vehicle, without harming the environment! 
  2. Wipe Your Vehicle’s Surface Without Harm: Waterless auto clean formulas generally have a mix of special lubricants and also cleaning up agents that lift and border dirt fragments. This allows us to wipe the surface area of your automobile tidy without the use of any brushes!
  3. Remove More Than Just Dirt: Waterless auto washes get rid of greater than simply dust. It removes pests, tree sap, mess up marks, and road tar to leave your car looking spick-and-span.
  4. Saves Time: Waterless detailing conserves time. The entire procedure of cleaning as well as waxing your car with a waterless formula generally takes around 30 minutes. Whereas it can take hours with the traditional approach!
  5. Protects the Environment: The water that runs of vehicles when washed with water has chemicals from harsh auto cleansing detergents, along with gas, oil, and also residue from exhaust fumes. Every one of that goes straight right into the drain pipes and ultimately right into our lakes, rivers, as well as seas! We want to help make an impact with our waterless car wash!
  6. Create Long-Lasting Shine And Protection: Waterless wash and wax items produces durable sparkle. In fact, the best products develop a safety finish that grains water for up to two months and also protect your auto from catalytic converter discharges, tar, pests, roadway grime, salt, as well as bird droppings.

What does this mean for you?

Take advantage of all of our Regular packages, such as SILVER, GOLD, DIAMOND at their regular prices

and enjoy CLEAN & GREEN results.


We look forward to your next  GREEN visit!